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What is Entasafe Main door made up of ?

Entasafe is constructed of Pretreated mild steel. Steel used in Entasafe has been coated with anti-rust coating.

What is the gauge of the Steel ?

Shutter is of 18 gauge (outer and inner panel) and the frame is of 14 gauge.

What is the thickness of the Shutter ?

It is 45 mm.

What is the weight of the door ?

Weight of the door ranges from 55 kg. to 80 kg. depending on the size and pattern of the door. For example 2100 mm. x 960 mm. single door weighs around 60 kg.

What are the different sizes available ?

2100 mm. x 960 mm.(7 ft. x 3.2 ft.), 2100 mm. x 1050 mm.(7 ft. x 3.5 ft.) , 2100 mm. x 1200 mm.(7 ft. x 4 ft.) 2100 mm. x 1500 mm. (7 ft. x 5 ft.), 2050 mm. x 950 mm.(6.83 ft. x 3.16 ft.)

Can you provide Entasafe in any other size ?

Yes, it can be provided if the Quantity is sufficient (around 100 – 150 doors) and the lead time is more than 90 days for supply. Lead time of 90 days should be from the date of confirmed Purchase Order issued to us.

Can Entasafe rust ?

Rusting is a chemical reaction and it happens only when the Steel surface is exposed to the atmosphere. In the case of Entasafe, chances are minimal as we have used pre-treated Steel and then it is powder coated with 60 micron thickness. This entire process makes it rust proof.

Is Entasafe scratch resistant ?

Yes Sir, since it is powder coated with 60 micron thickness the finished surface becomes hard and scratch resistant for normal wear and tear.

Will the color of Entasafe fade ?

Well, the color will not fade, but if Entasafe is exposed to direct sun light it may fade over a period of 24-36 months. But for doors that are installed indoors the color will not fade and if you intend to install it on the terrace then it is recommended that you use white or light color doors.

Is Entasafe fire proof ?

Yes, since it is made of Steel it is Fire Resisitant.

Can you provide provide Fire Test Certificate ?

Yes, it can be provided.

What is the fire rating time ?

It is around 1 hour

What is honeycombing ?

It is hexagonal Cell pattern. Honey combing structure is used when we want high impact resistance with low weight. In case of Entasafe it is used to make high impact resistance and at the same time the weight has to be minimum so that it does not put any extra load at the adjoining wall. For example : bumpers of Motor Cars, Air Craft wings.

What is the filler material used in the honey combing ?

Paper core board (Heavy Craft Paper)

Is Entasafe having sound Insulation Property ?

Yes, because of honey combing structure it has some sound insulation property.

How does it provide sound Insulation Property ?

You may be aware that frequency of sound waves is high when it travels in a dense medium. Since Entasafe is made up of honey combing structure (hollow) the frequency of sound waves is on lower side. Hence it has a deadening effect.

Are the dents repairable ?

Yes, but you may not get the original texture and finish but it will be fairly OK. And acceptable.

Will it expand if the atmospheric temperature is very high in summer ?

No, it will not expand even if the temperature touches the 50°C mark, which we think is the highest recorded temperature in peak summer in India.

How do you get wood texture finish on the shutter ?

This is called heat tranfer film technology. Presently, this technology is not available in India. With the help of this technology any kind of texture design can be obtained on the shutter surface. This is basically to enhance the aesthetic look of the product. Hence Entasafe is aproduct, which not only provides safety and security to your valuables and loved ones but also gives a very attractive and rich look to the entrance of your house.

How will you manage supply against big orders ?

We are maintaining inventory worth Rs.5.00 Crores in our central godown located in Pune City. Your requirementcan be supplied within a week’s time if the chosen design and size is from our stock.

Do you have any distributor ?

Yes we do have distributors and they too maintain inventory at their level. We will be happy to list them for you.

Can you provide Entasafe without threshold ?

Yes it can be. But we recommend that you keep threshold as it provides additional stability to the door. It also prevents dust, insects and water from outside entering your house. Moreover its been a tradition in India to have threshold (umra) at the entrance of the house.

Can Entasafe be repainted ?

Yes it can be repainted but you will not get the wood grain finish.

Can Entasafe be installed as an internal door ?

Yes, it can be.

Do you maintain stock of accessories like – lock, weather strip, eye view ?

Yes, we maintain a stock of these items in our central godown in Pune City. Even our distributors maintain a stock of these items.

Can we get more options or choice in the locking system ?

Yes as an option we offer you Electronic locking system. In this electronic locking system you have all the options of keys, swipe card and numerical coding system..

Can I install this locking system on my existing wooden door ?

Sorry, it cannot be installed on your existing wooden door but it can be installed on any Entasafe door.

What if I lose all 6 keys provided with Entasafe ?

First of all it is a very rare situation but if it happens then we will have to dismantle the door. We would like to suggest that you keep one or two keys with a trusted friend or relative. You could probably keep one key in your bank locker if you are maintaining one.

Can Entasafe keys be duplicated ?

Certainly not. Entasafe keys are computerized keys and hence it is next to impossible to duplicate it.

How many keys are there in all ?

There are total 8 keys. 6 keys are in sealed pack and 2 keys are attached to pack, which are called carpenter keys. Please remember, if you insert sealed pack keys then other 2 (carpenter) keys will become defunct.

If there is any defect in the lock, can it be replaced ?

We will replace it free of cost if there is any manufacturing defect. This guarantee stands good for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What is the guarantee for the lock function ?

We will replace it free of cost if there is any manufacturing defect. This guarantee stands good for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What about accessories ?

Guarantee is for 12 months.

Can you give us Entasafe without Eye viewer ?

We can if the uantity is substantial and lead time is 90 days.

What about the weather strip ?

It can be replaced.

Who will provide the back-up ?

Company will provide the service through its authorized installation agency.

Do you have auto – latch system ?

We do not have but it can be provided if the uantity is significant.

Why do you not provide auto-latch system in your models ?

We can provide auto- latch system but as you know Entasafe is a complete safe door with non-duplicating keys. Mnay times you must have experienced that when you are standing out of the house and not carrying the keys anf if the door is shut due to sudden gust of wind then you are stuck whereas in case of Entasafe it will never happen. It is also advisable not to have auto-latch system in Entasafe because Entasafe cannot be duplicated by any Chaviwala (key repair shop).

Is your Electronic locking system repairable ?

Firstly it will never fail, but if it does it cannot be repaired. This system will fail only when it comes in contact with water. You have to take precautions. Please do not clean it with water at all.

What if I forget the code ?

You can operate the system either by swipe card or keys.

What precautions should we take for Electronic locking system ?

Follow these instructions
  1. Do not clean the system with water. Water will destroy the inner circuit
  2. System should always be in recharge state
  3. Do not tamper with the product
  4. Never disclose your numerical password to any stranger.
  5. Always change your password from time to time to avoid unauthorized use.

Who can install the door ?

Any carpenter can install the door. Infact in western countries this is DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) product. Entasafe is installed with fasteners (6 numbers) supplied along with the product

How much time is required to install Entasafe ?

If the openings are as per our specification then it can be installed in 45 minutes.

What do you mean by opening as per your specification ?

You have to provide opening 10 mm. more than the size of the door you chose for your house. For example : if you have chosen 2100 mm. x 960 mm. then the clear opening should be 2200 mm. x 970 mm.

What other care do I take while providing the opening ?

The plaster on adjoining walls should be in plumb & line (without any undulations).

Why do you need 10 mm. extra space ?

It is basically for the smooth and correct installation of Entasafe. It is always advisable to have slightly bigger space required to accommodate the chosen size of Entasafe. It is also vital because most of the time you will not find 100% perfect workmanship in plastering of the wall.

At what stage of construction Entasafe should be installed ?

It is recommended to install Entasafe only after the flooring work is over. This is to achieve perfect alignment of shutter with respect to the floor for smooth opening and closing of the door.

How many Anchor fasteners do you provide with Entasafe ?

6 fasteners are provided with Entasafe.

What is the size of this Anchor fastener ?

There are 3 sizes – 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 ½ inch.

How should I decide the size of the fastener ?

It depends on the thickness of the wall adjoined to the door opening.

Is Entasafe stable ? Will it not dislocate or pro lapse ?

It will certainly not. Our installation process can take care of such problems. 6 anchor fasteners provided with Entasafe can give sufficient stability to the door.

Can we pour mortar or grout inside the frame ?

Yes, it is possible and advisable too. Filing or mortar can make the frame solid and there will not be any hollow sound you experience with hollow frame.

How can we pour the mortar inside the frame?

It is very simple. Prepare a mortar with slump consistency of 100 mm. and pour it inside the frame using a funnel. However it should not be compacted by any means or tools. Mortar can be poured by hand also but it should be avoided.

Can Entasafe be installed on my existing wooden door frame ?

Yes it can be done but we need to check the clear opening. (Excluding wooden frame thickness at height and width). If the opening is suitable to any of Entasafe sizes then with minor rectification it can be installed. Further, if the conditions are not suitable then we have to dismantle the wooden frame and install Entasafe.

How do you decide whether Entasafe should be of Left opening or Right opening ?

Please remember that the shutter (Panel) should collapse on continue wall and if the continue wall is on the left side then select left opening and vice-versa.

Tell me, where and how can I put my name plate on Entasafe door ?

We suggest you should not put your name plate on Entasafe door as it is not advisable to make any hole on Entasafe doors. We do not recommend that at all.

Can I put L – drop and tower bolt?

Sorry that is not recommended. Anyway you do not need these because Entasafe doors come with night latch.

Do you provide door sper or can we put it at all ?

We do not provide door sper and you should also not put door sper at all. Maybe you can put magnetic door catcher.

Can we put safety chain ?

Yes, we have provided slots to fix safety chain, which comes along with Entasafe. However this facility is available only in our new models.

Do hinges of Entasafe require oiling like other wooden door hinges ?

Mostly not, but sometimes if hinges squeak then you may put light machine oil.

Can only shutter of Entasafe be fixed on existing wooden frame ?

We do not supply only the shutter because it is an integrated product and without the frame the security objective will be defeated. To make your house 100% secure, please always install Entasafe along with the frame. Anyway we will not supply Entasafe without the frame.

From where are you sourcing these doors ?

At present we do not have a manufacturing facility in India, but we are going to set up our own production facility in Pune which may take some time. To meet our requirements we are presently importing these doors from South Korea. We have already entered into technical collaberation with a Korean company.

How will you manage supply against big orders ?

We are maintaining inventory worth Rs.5.00 Crores in our central godown located in Pune City. Your requirementcan be supplied within a week’s time if the chosen design and size is from our stock.

Steel door is not permitted in Vastu-Shastra hence I cannot install Entasafe ?

I think it’s a misconception. Steel was not there when Vastu-Shastra was propounded. Now-a-days buildings cannot be constructed without steel.

Why is it called Anti-tTheft? It’s a tall claim...........

It is not a tall claim but a fact. Entasafe is constructed of steel, which cannot be cut with the help of ordinary tools, and hinges provided are not exposed and hence a thief or robber cannot get access to it. Entasafe comes along with multi-point locking system with non-duplicating keys. These are strong features of Entasafe which overcome limitations or maladies of wooden doors. That is why we call it Anti-Theft and by installing Entasafe you are making your home safe and secure.

How is your technical support ?

Technical support is very good. We have fully trained technical team which can take care of product related problems, if any. We are sure that you will not require it as Entasafe will perform flawlessly for years.
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