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With so much emphasis being placed on the home, consumers are constantly looking for new materials to enhance the beauty of their homes. However, along with aesthetic look of their homes they are equally concerned about the security and safety of their valuables and loved ones. In view of this identified need of house owners, we have introduced ‘Entasafe’ anti-theft main doors. 

Entasafe doors are constructed of CREDD Grade Steel and has a wood grain finish. Entasafe doors are precision Engineered and long lasting with minimal maintenance. Each door is supplied with a fine quality heat transfer wood finish, high security locks, Eye viewer and frame. These are side hinged doors for putting directly to the brick work opening. It is very simple to install or in other words it is a DIY product. 

Last but not the least, Entasafe doors like wood doors don’t shrink, sag, warp and rot. It is fire resistant and provides much more protection than a wood door against home intruders. These doors perform flawlessly for years and provide excellent security against home intruders. 

Entasafe doors deliver high performance and style. It is an incredible value.
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