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Entasafe main doors are easy to install and have normally low maintenance . Please find below basic instructions that will give you excellent protection by Entasafe doos for many years. For specific queries and issues feel free to contact out Technical Support Cell.

  • Ensure correct opening specification (left or right) before placing the order and installing the door.
  • The clearance provided shall be plumb & without any undulation.
  • A clearance of 5 mm shall be provided more than the size of the door. E.g : For 2100 mm x 960 mm, the clearance should be 2105 x 965 mm
  • Install Entasafe plumb level and in true alignment.
  • Frame shall be fastened (using anchor fastener) to the adjacent structure to retain their position and stability. Use 3” long 12 mm. dia fasteners preferably and a drill bit of 12 mm. to create necessary hole in the wall.
  • Adjust doors for proper operation, free from any defects.
  • Fill frame with grout. Grout (optional) shall be mixed to provide a 102 mm or 4 inch max. slump consistency.
  • Entasafe should be installed preferably after flooring work is complete.
  • Gaps between frame and retaining wall, if any, may be filled with Fischer multi foam.
  • Check the hinges regularly to see if they seem to squeak. If they do, use light weight household (sewing machine) oil to lubricate them in working order.
  • Remove dirt and take a mild detergent at a concentration of 1 cup in 20 ltr. of warm water.
  • Rinse with clean water after washing and allow to dry completely. Wipe the surface using dry cloth.
  • Polish with wax suitable for automobile use.
  • Stock vertically under cover at the site or in godown.
  • Do not use non-vented plastic or canvas shelters.
  • Should the wrappers become wet, remove and replace immediately.
  • Provide 1/4 inch (6mm) space between doors to promote air circulation.
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